Surfers Against Sewage 'Shit Postcards'

Just for a bit of fun, I wanted to do a spec idea for my favourite charity, Surfers Against Sewage.

As a cold water swimmer, I found that certain days were ruined by large water companies flooding effluence into the water. Slightly aghast that my new hobby was hampered by the idea that up and down the country, sewage was released daily whilst water companies made record profits.

I then thought about the impact to various coastal destinations because of this and started to rebrand towns in a funny-but-serious ways to highlight how they’d get to be known, should water companies have their way.

In a series of postcards, I wanted to recreate the normal destination led scene, but augment the sewage into the scene. Couple this with the new town name and voila.

The idea was then to replace all the postcards at local shops with the new SAS ones and then watch for reactions.

From there, there could be fake destination websites and all we could’ve thrown at it to make local governments react to the rebranding and start a conversation.

  • Type Direct Mail, Ambient, Charity

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